Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day

The thought of the day is a quote that gives you a positive opinion to start your day with encouragement and inspiration. These inspirational and Motivational thoughts are great for reflection, some people use them to start their day on a positive note.

Thought of the Day
Thought of the Day

Thought of the Day


Time is short. Time is very limited.
We only have some part of oceans drop to our name and the thirst quenches the drop very soon.
We, humans are made to think and sometimes we end up thinking so much or so little that we end up missing the whole moment.

Just like we are either so caught up in past or we are so busy thinking about our future that we end up missing our present and then life becomes worthless.
Everyone says that be happy where you are or make choices and don't doubt them but what that really means is BE PRESENT that when you are doing something doesn't do anything else.

If you're travelling - just travel.
If you're singing - just sing.
If you're drawing - just draw.
Yes there's a big chance that life will get to you and say you have to do this or that but learn to ignore that voice

What's the worse thing that can happen you'd miss it?

Well here's some newsflash for you there are a million things and you can't do it all but just one. So make your choices by thinking once and then shut your thinking for a while.

Thought of the Day


We need this word in every aspect of our life.
Some times all we think is about the side of the story we're struggling with,
but in reality, there's another flip side to the story too!

We need not to blame others why they left, It could be our fault too.
The only way to bail out of this terrible situation is to stand up and accept the truth.
They either come to unfold your inner fears to light or else they push you down to that deep pit.

No doubt they come as a blessing or a lesson.
If they're not planning to stay, don't make them.
This is something which is coming from personal experience.
Just believe in your instincts.

"Better things are ahead Keep the faith"

Thought of the Day


Smiling is the best thing that happened to humanity.
Smile when you're in love.
Smile when you let them know.
Smile when they say they love you back.
Smile when you're having a cup of coffee with them.
Smile when then move in with you.
Smile when you're planning trips for holidays with them.
Smile when you're planning your future with them.
Smile when you miss them.
Smile when you're forgiving them.
Smile when you try to make them laugh after a fight.
Smile when they're gone.
Smile when you have to hide your pain.
Smile when you try to stop yourself from crying.
Smile when you move on.
Smile when you fall in love again.

Life, as we each live it no matter how we live, is individual yet the same.
We wake up, go through a day and then we sleep...
and we all share the problems and joys everybody else does. Laughter and sadness.
What's my point is, We all have different worlds...yet we all are the same.

Thought of the Day

No one person can be unique...because everybody is unique. No one person cries alone because everybody cries alone at one time or another. No one person is really alone....we are here as social creatures.

Love is the primary reason for our social structure...does not matter country or holds us together and is the fabric of humankind that makes up her cloth. Take ants for instance...we are no different than ants...they work, they hustle and they have a high social structure.

They also, go to war with each we do...killing and bloodshed. But we have a big difference over the ant or another creature known...we have morals and self-awareness.
Yes..there are things like cruelty in the world..murders, and the list is endless.

But if you take society as a whole...after all the bloodshed,
wars and other tragedies in human item alone saved our species over and over...togetherness...the very foundation of togetherness is love.

Thought of the Day:

Does love exist in the world anymore?
Feel your inner warm in your soul...feel your friends in your heart...feel self-love in your will see...not only is she alive...she is us..we are her...we are lives!

Youth is spent quickly on the young,
Wisdom is gained over the years with a price,
Often at the cost of pain,
She is often cold as ice.

Youth is so short,
Times speeds ahead as we grow,
Learning I become,
What I plant and sow.

Deeds in the past,
I am not proud of not at all,
I cannot undo my youth,
I hear life call.

Life tells wisdom is not free,
Paid in hurt, love, shame, caring and often my liberty,
Wisdom has slapped me in the face in life,
I made a mistake from a sincerity.

Life is free they say,
Life is not,
Wisdom is the price,
For things, I wish I never did things I wished I forgot.

Thought of the Day:

It's funny how an apology can mean both nothing and everything.
It feels like a sweet nothing to the ones who deserve it the most,
yet to the ones who are supposed to mean it the most,
it feels like they've given their ultimate everything.

It's funny how an apology is supposed to fix everything that needs fixing.
As though the moment someone says the magic word,
all the hurt and disappointments that particular someone has created is just supposed to be forgotten and everyone's supposed to carry on as though nothing has happened.

But, the funniest thing about an apology is that it has no regards for the receiving end.
It leaves no room for them to have a say on the matter for it has been decided for them.
They're supposed to be okay.
They're supposed to just slap on a smile and make the other end feeling better about themselves and the mistakes they've made.

So, tell me...

How often do you apologize for the sake of ending an argument?
How often do you apologize because you thought it will settle everything down?
How often do you apologize because you thought an apology was what the other person needed to hear?
How often do you apologize just for the sake of apologizing?

"Thing Called Apology"

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