How to Improve Communication Skills for Success in life

Communication Skills for Success in life

How to Improve Communication Skills for Success in life

What is Communication Skills 

"Communication is the ability to express information more effectively and efficiently"

Communication is the process by which information exchange between individuals is done. It requires a shared understanding of language systems such as language and math.
Communication is more than words from one person's mouth to another. In addition to words, messages are moved by the tone, voice, eye contact, physical proximity, visual signals, and the tone and quality of the language of the entire body.

Importance of communication skills

 "Communication skills are an important skill  for Success in life"

Communication skills are the process through which we share and understand. It can be obtained verbally, through sight, non-verbally and through writing. Communicates believe ineffective when the message is received and the methods in which it is intended are understood.

By developing your Communication skills, you can take advantage of all aspects of your life, from professional life to social gatherings, to a business that effectively communicates with businessmen and colleagues, Communication skills are One of the most essential skills for Success in life.

Communication Skills are the heart of every organization. Everything you do in the workplace is from communication. Therefore, if the work is going to be completed and the goals are being achieved then good education, writing, speaking and listening skills are necessary.
As soon as you develop your career, you will get various reasons why successful communication skills are important to you.

Communication types

"Communication is a two-way street"

This means that both the persons are communicating and the person is being communicated to participants.

Communication occurs when information is shared between two people. Unfortunately, it is often the cause of injuries, incomplete actions and frustration of the relationship. However, with the right Communication skills, you can learn to communicate clearly and efficiently for Success in life.

Communication Skills is one of many soft skills, to learn more about how these soft skills, such as attitude and critical thinking, increase the chance of success in life.
Here are some major communication Keys that will help you connect effectively with your audience.

Types of Communication skills 
How to Improve Communication Skills

How to Improve Communication Skills for Success in life

Types of Communication skills

Communication can be classified into three basic types: 

1. Verbal communication: 
Verbal communication, in which you hear a person to understand their meaning.
Oral communication can also be called oral communication. In very simple words, any communication that occurs verbally between people is known as oral communication. 
The objective of such communication is to ensure that whatever you want to tell, understand the people. 

A message has to be spoken or written. Human language can be defined as a system of symbols and grammar through which symbols are manipulated.
Nowadays, Verbal communication is an important aspect and it looked like a key strength in an individual.

2Non-verbal communication:
Non-verbal communication, in which you observe a person and latent meaning.
How does one feel once you enter the room? Is your body language strong and are you straight and standing or are you dull and tired? Are you a clean shave, a team meeting to look for yourself or you are shy of a shirt which is not iron? When you shake hands, do you do so strongly or do you just brush your hands against others? 

The above were some examples of non-verbal communication or reciprocal communication. One of the requirements for new-comers in an organization is good interpersonal skills for them. It basically means that employees should brush their non-verbal Communication skills.

Non-verbal communication is the process of sending and receiving messages without using spoken words or words. Which is also called manual language. In such a way that italicising emphasizes written language, a nonverbal behaviour can emphasize parts of a verbal message.

3. Written communication:
Written communication, in which you read their meaning.
Written communication is often asynchronous. That is, the sender can write a message that the recipient can read at any time, unlike in the real-time conversation. The written communication can be read by many people too. Written communication is the most important and most effective of any kind of business communication.

Written communication have their own set of rules. Whether you are writing a simple email or an important report, you should try writing professionally using proper grammar and punctuation. It is very difficult to show and read emotions in writing, but you have to be careful because things like satire often do not translate well through written communication and can be interpreted incorrectly.

However, as a messenger, it is to ensure that your message is clearly communicated. It is your responsibility to clarify the message. Written communication must be clear and concise in order to properly communicate the message for Success in life.

How to Improve Communication Skills for Success in life

Advantage and Disadvantages of Written Communication:
There are several ways that written communication can be used. With the reach of smartphones and the Internet, the number of ways is increasing. One of the most common forms of written communication used so far is email. But gradually, written types of communication are being used regularly with WhatsApp and other online messaging apps. 

All different forms of written communication can be formal or informal. If today, we go to the court of law, you will find that WhatsApp messages are also legally considered.

The advantage of written communication is that it acts as the last word after making a decision. When you quote your prices to the customer, when you rank a dealer at the top, when you promote an employee or when you launch a new product, you can communicate with your team and your employees for the use of written communication.

The Disadvantage with written communication is that it becomes very formal and might incite ego or various political problems inciting the use of written communication. Newspapers are ideal examples of written words that create controversy. In fact, due to wrong written communication on social media account, many cases of celebrities have been revealed.

Thus, the above examples are further proof that written communications need to be used safely and effectively. In fact, written communication between friends can be informal, but such communication between professionals working should always be formal so that no wrong words are misused with the wrong motive.

There is a very appropriate quote "the words are powerful compared to the sword". A wrong email given in the wrong hands can reverse the world.

  "Each Communication Skills has its own advantages, disadvantages and even losses"

How to Improve Communication Skills.

It is a big mistake to ignore the importance of improving your communication skills.

How to Improve Communication Skills for Success in life

Improve Listening  Skills:
"This can come as a surprise, but often the most important part of communication is listening"
Listening is not just like hearing. When you talk to someone, you are busy with them, and try to understand what they are trying to say. Listening is an important Part of Communication Skills for Success in life.

Being able to listen effectively is also an important Communication skill. It is easily ignored because people focus more on what they want to say rather than actively listening to other person's comments.

When people do not listen to each other, the entire communication process is broken. To become an effective Communication you must first learn to be a good listener.

It is important to note that there is a difference between listening and hearing. We use the sense of hearing every day. When people talk to us, we listen to them. We listen to music on the radio, and when we walk out we hear birds screaming. 

Then, what does listening mean?
Here are few keys to make sure you get the strong and clear message.

  • Focus on the person speaking:
Avoid distraction by contacting the eye with the speaker. If your mind starts to wander, then focus your attention on the present time.

  • Make sure you understand: 
Sometimes, no matter how well you listen, you just can not understand what is said. In this situation, be sure to ask for follow-up questions for clarification.

  • Wait for your turn to speak:
When you have something to say, then avoid the obstacle. If any thoughts come into your head, then write it later so that you can return your attention to the person who speaks.

  • Show interest:
When you fail to show interest during listening, it gets distracted by the person who speaks it. Rather than focusing on what they want to say, they will be surprised whether you are paying attention or not.

  • Repeat what was said in your own words:
By repeating it in your words, it forces you to think about what was said to you. This will help you to understand the message better and help it to stick to your mind. It also gives the speaker an opportunity to correct you if you have not heard or understood the message.

Speaking Skills in Communication

How to Improve Communication Skills for Success in life

Improve Vocal clarity:

"Here are four simple keys to Improve Communication Skills which helps you increase your vocal clarity"
  • Slow down:
So many people speak very quickly and almost in motion. Please be a bit slow. This will give you more confidence.
  • Keep your language simple:
Thinking that you will not affect people, do not use big words, You can not win. Simple is better.
  • Check for understanding:
Ask your audience if they understand your pronunciation because they can be hesitant to tell you.
  • Take time to pronounce-ate:
Actually, make every word clear. This may seem unnatural at first for you, but it should stay with it. Your comfort level will increase, and your clarity will improve. The level of comfort will increase.

Learn to be qualified: 

Improve your Communication Skills by working on your credibility, your consistency, and your confidence. 
  • Credibility: 
Your credibility is the extent to which others believe what you tell them. If you want to gain respect, create trust, and build a great rapport with people, you must work on your credibility. 
  • Consistency: 
People will trust you if you act in a consistent manner, and if you treat people similarly, you can only expect consistent results from people you communicate with if you are also consistent.
  • Confidence: 
If you think and act more confidently and positively, you will be able to communicate more confidently and effectively. You’ll also get people to co-operate with you more easily. Confident people make wonderful team players.

Use Empathy: 

Empathy is the ability to experience the feelings of another person. It goes beyond Sympatry, which takes care of other's suffering and understanding. Both words are used equally and often for each other but they differ in their emotional meaning. 

How to Improve Communication Skills for Success in life

The need to understand is one of the highest requirements of the human for Success in life, but many people don't do the same. Try to find out how other people really feel. 

To show Empathy, to identify with others person's feelings. It is emotionally to put yourself in place of another. Empathy is very much separate from Sympathy.

Sympathy is a feeling of care and understanding of suffering beings.
Empathy is the ability to mutually experience the thoughts, emotions and direct experience
of others without them being communicated intentionally. 

Many people have difficulty with empathy and with expressing with real feelings. This is such a shame. Get in touch with your feelings today, and use empathy. It really helps. 

"If you follow these great steps, you will not only make your conversations more productive. You’ll enhance your reputation too."

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